We neutralise emissions

Through the “e-invoice = higher culture” program, we encourage our customers to behave ecologically by offering them a possibility to use e-invoices which save time, protect the environment, and eliminate the risk of losing the document. For each consent to receiving e-invoices, Raben Group plants a tree on behalf of the customer. The company has been planting trees since 2014. So far, a total of almost 16,000 saplings have been planted as part of the campaign.

Share of electronic invoices in Raben Group:

  • 80% of customers in Fresh Logistics Polska use electronic invoices (decrease by 6%)
  • 80% of customers in Raben Logistics Polska use electronic invoices (increase by 13%)
  • 71% of customers in Raben Transport use electronic invoices (decrease by 5%)

Out of concern for the environment, we are gradually eliminating paper from our processes through the paperless project, where the resignation from paper transport documents first took place in Poland and then in other Group countries. Also, the majority of deliveries in Raben partner countries are made without paper documents and using hand-held devices.

This solution works smoothly and each day transfers electronic versions of documents from shipment deliveries from the transport systems in individual countries to the track&trace portal for customers, i.e. myRaben.com.

In 2019, Raben Group and GS1 took actions aimed at building awareness and popularization of process standardization through implementation and promotion of the Order-2-Cash solution which consists in digitalization of each stage of the logistics process. The Order-2-Cash solution aims to eliminate traditional paper documents and shift to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Order-2-Cash (O2C) is a solution which uses a number of global GS1 standards to streamline the physical flow of goods and accompanying information – from electronic order placement, advice of delivery and POD, to automatic payment. The solution consists of two key elements: the GS1 logistics label and EDI messages. Electronic Data Interchange is the exchange of documents in the form of standard electronic messages, directly between the computer systems of business partners. Standard electronic documents provide a standardised and automated exchange of information necessary for e.g. ordering and delivery processes, and they enable a direct link to be established between the flow of goods and the related information flow.

The innovative O2C solution offers a number of process and economic benefits. Digitization of each stage of the process from the order to the payment is a guarantee of quicker execution of the order and better quality, e.g. through efficient and fast goods acceptance process or elimination of manual data entry, which reduces the risk of errors during deliveries. Order-2-Cash also saves time and reduces costs related to handling paper invoices.