Road Map – 0 emmision future

In connection with the development and increasing the dynamics of Raben Group’s involvement in environmental issues, we have decided that all activities and solutions that we implement to support the natural environment should be implemented under the slogan “Eco2way”.

At the end of 2019 Raben Group decided to officially support the pursuit of carbon neutrality. To this end, we have developed, among other things, a five-year plan to reduce our carbon footprint regarding point 2 and to neutralise emissions with reference to point 1 which we are currently unable to avoid (e.g. due to technological constraints).

The first steps we took already in 2019 were: a comprehensive calculation of the carbon footprint in cooperation with an external consulting company and the launch of negotiations for energy supply with a guarantee of origin from Renewable Energy Sources for 2021. We also signed the first green energy supply contracts in 2021. The next steps will be to develop and implement a comprehensive tool to calculate CO2 emissions per shipment. Thanks to this, in system we will keep our customers informed about the amount of emissions generated during the transport of their shipments.

Additionally, we are planning to provide our counterparties with the possibility to automatically neutralise these emissions through involvement in selected offset projects. We are also working to increase efficiency in planning the ‘last mile’ logistics – we are implementing tools that will allow us to better organize these processes and at the same time reduce emissions. Apart from working on tools, we are also investing in the fleet. Still the most effective fuel in road transport is diesel oil, so we make every effort to make our fleet modern and meet the highest possible environmental standards. In addition, we are testing alternative drives and are planning to incorporate electric vehicles into our fleet in the coming years.