Eco voting

It’s time for a change! You also can have an impact on the environment. On the occasion of our 90th anniversary, we are making a gift to us all and to future generations. We want to support one of the 3 environmental initiatives. Which one? It will be up to you! Soon you will find out the 3 projects to choose from and you will be able to vote for one of them. The one which gets the most votes will receive a grant from Raben Group for its implementation.

Together we will do something good for the environment and for future generations, so that we can all enjoy the clean climate for the next 90 years …

VOTE 1.09

See what we are doing to care for the environment:

Road Map – 0 emmision future

In connection with the development and increasing the dynamics of Raben Group’s involvement in environmental issues, we have decided that all activities and solutions that we implement to support the natural environment should be implemented under the slogan “Eco2way”.

Low-emission fleet

We analyse our impact on the natural environment. Each year we set more ambitious goals. We are also investing in modern fleet that is more environmentally friendly.

Ecological buildings

Raben Group has over 1,200,000 m2 of warehouse capacity. We have more than 150 depots all over Europe. Each year we open new facilities. As a rule, all of them are equipped better than equivalent buildings built by the developer.

We neutralise emissions

Through the “e-invoice = higher culture” program, we encourage our customers to behave ecologically by offering them a possibility to use e-invoices which save time, protect the environment, and eliminate the risk of losing the document. For each consent to receiving e-invoices, Raben Group plants a tree on behalf of the customer. The company has been planting trees since 2014. So far, a total of almost 16,000 saplings have been planted as part of the campaign.