In 2021 Raben Group is celebrating its 90th anniversary. 90 years of experience, innovation and continuous development. And we will certainly not stop there…

We offer logistics ‘with a human face’. Partnership and trust are part of this style of cooperation, which in many cases has continued for years. In business, we are guided, among other things, by a fair play approach because we believe that relationships based on honesty build a better tomorrow. Raben are ‘People with Drive’. It is a team who always play to the same goal and each player has their own individual drive which pushes the team forward. We are distinguished by our entrepreneurship, energy and a never-ending appetite for more…

We have achieved a lot over these 90 years through partnership and transparent cooperation with our customers, which makes us proud and at the same time makes us want to face new challenges, such as climate change. We want next generations to have access to the same resources we are using now. That’s why, on the occasion of our anniversary, we want to take you on the extraordinary journey “Eco2way – 90 days around better future” where our employees will show you the places suffering from the effects of climate change. We hope that after completing this tour you will help us choose a place that we will support together (you through your votes, Raben Group financially). So that we can all enjoy clean climate during the next 90th anniversaries…

Our Numbers

150 +
of warehouse capacity
13000000 +
shipments annually